My yearlong herbal medicine apprenticeship with Corinne was a life-changing experience. It deepened and expanded my awareness of the medicine that grows all around us, and empowered me to utilize it. Corinne has a world of scientific, historic and personal knowledge about the plants and methods of cultivation, preparation and uses we discuss and experience in class. She is an incredible mentor and has, along with the students from class, become a dear friend. This course taught me about myself through the universal language of plant-human relationships. It resonates with an ancient and largely forgotten but essential aspect of being human, and this primordial soul is enkindled back to life through the seasons of the course.

– Whitney Bell


Corinne Boyer is a wise woman—a resource and treasure to our local and global community. After becoming interested in plant medicine and magic I yearned for more information. I met Corinne and knew that I needed to study with her, for she knows and cherishes native, wild and abundant plants, both in our local area and in historical contexts. I stayed in Corinne’s apprenticeship program for a full year and gained more knowledge and understanding than I could have imagined. Through her hands on style of teaching I learned how to responsibly harvest plants when their medicine is most potent and create innumerable applications for heath, vitality and joy, as well as humbly commune with and honor the plant world, skills that I will use for the rest of my life. Rooted in experience and academia Corinne’s intelligence pulls from many sources to deliver pertinent and fascinating information in her papers, lessons and responses. Her availability, openness and enthusiasm establish a loving and conducive environment for practical and personal instruction and growth. Corinne’s course empowered me to make medicine for myself and my loved ones; encouraged me to stay connected to the ever-changing nature of our world through the plants and the seasons; and to unconditionally love and take on my own capacity to heal myself and others.

Ciel Lininger


The world of plants has always felt like home to me. The woods and the trees towering over me as I carefully walked through the ferns and mosses. This forest floor more comforting than the couches and TVs that all my friends and family preferred. As long as I can remember I could talk to plants, insisting when the house plant in the kitchen window needed watering or when the cat had been annoying it. I’m sure my mother thought I was just imaginative, that I would grow out of talking to flowers, coloring their portraits with crayons. Now, I’m sure she isn’t as surprised that I still do these things, accepting it as a eccentricity.

Finding this herbal apprenticeship really helped me bloom, encouraged me, pushed me. I was able to go over the basics of identifying plants, harvesting techniques, medicine making, the works. This class helped me make plants my focus, really think about them, what they do, what their magic is, how they make me feel internally, externally, and emotionally. What was really powerful was having a group of people to talk about plants with, to share ideas and trade medicines. One of the most important things to me in this class was going outside and harvesting plants. Meeting the plant where it grew, practicing harvesting, drying, storing techniques and then doing research about the plant. Learning different things from not only my books but from everyone in the class. I was able to make medicine with this new friend, this ally, and seeing what worked and what didn’t.

This class is valuable and the experience greatly out shines the financial cost. I would do it over again in a heartbeat. This class helped me grow in my herbalist skills, my medicine making and crafting, my creating, my plant identification, but perhaps most importantly this class strengthened my relationships with plants I already knew and plants that I was able to just meet. I was able to become more intuitive and to be more humble around the wisdom around me.

Corinne is an approachable and understanding teacher, taking the time for extra communication. There was more than one occasion that I called her up to clarify or to ask more questions. She is humble and warm and by far the most influential teacher I have ever had. She is one of those rare teachers that wants to continue to learn and to do her best. Her hard work shows and the curriculum is planned in an interesting and diverse way covering a range of techniques and plants. The handouts that are received with each class are valuable providing a great tool for reference and that I still continuously use. She is giving and shares freely. She is a teacher to cherish, a person the honor.

In this moment of reflection, I can say that the biggest thing that was holding me back, and continues to do so, as all things are a journey, was myself: my fear of getting it wrong, of not listening to my intuition. The experience of this herbal apprenticeship helped me make great leaps forward, not only as an herbalist, but as a woman of the forest, a woman of the earth, coming from the same soil that we all come from and with the plan to return to it when called. So, take my advice, don’t hold yourself back, go where you  are called and fall into it with your heart and hands open.

-Nichelle Barber


The Herbal Apprenticeship offered by Corinne Boyer is a magical and transformational experience that will inspire any student who seeks out hands-on herbalism to make medicine. Harvesting herbs and making medicine is a lost art that needs to be revitalized. Just as growing and cooking ones own food is exponentially more nourishing than buying food at any market or restaurant, crafting artisan medicine out of plants that you have harvested and gotten to know is much more nourishing and healing than buying herbs from the store, let alone processed capsules and pills that one can not even recognize as a plant. Corinne recognizes that each student has different levels of time they can dedicate to class, and is appreciative of everyone’s contributions, regardless of how closely they stuck to the assigned ‘homework’. She has a seemingly endless knowledge about the natural world in which she teaches, and her love of folklore and magic pertaining to plants is thoroughly enjoyable and contagious. If you want to learn about herbs and plants, or about healing through natures’ medicine, or learn how to craft medicines, this class is something you should do.

– Grayce


I have been studying plants for almost ten years on & off, learning much but never quite finding a teacher that captured my attention in the way that Corinne does.  Her plant classes are what I imagine apprenticeships were like a hundred years ago – a pot of tea, a group of plant loving people, discussions of plants and plant medicines.  Teaching walks through the lovely forests of her home, hands-on experience with different plants & the magical medicines that can easily be created with a little patience and lots of love.  Corinne’s approach to teaching herbal apothecary is as simple as making a cup of tea.  I have found this approach so refreshing, easy and manageable with my busy weekday 8-5 job.  I am empowered to go home and create what we practiced or discussed in class with Corinne’s encouragement and her well-written instructions.  I hope to be a student of Corinne’s for as long as she will have me.



Corinne possesses a strong presence, empathy, and humility, while allowing us, as her students, to improvise or figure out the taught information from our own unique perspectives. She is a kind teacher and efficient entrepreneur. I gain more from her weekly class than plant information, as we have developed a warm friendship too. I am learning to appreciate, hold in compassion, and accept myself more fully, or to ask “how best may my light shine?” I am getting into a rhythm with the seasons, plants and natural world which touches an old dusty corner of my heart. A core essence of knowing that I have unlocked with Corinne’s class. Doing my weekly homework, making delicious nettle quiche for guests, or sharing plant information with family – this class is deeply interwoven into the fabric of my life.

– Robyn Burns


Corinne holds a pool of information, stories and incredible wonderments about plants. I entered the class with an inability and an uncertainty in wild-crafting and identifying plants, and after just three months I have gained an invaluable tool: the courage and confidence to build bonds and an undertsanding with the earth, plants, and therefore myself. Awareness of the seasons, natural changes, and how we can work with them rather than against (or even in some cases, not at all) is more than just a lesson about the environment and health, but a lesson in the self and our own well-being. Realizing this connectedness, it is easy to see the benefits of giving to and receiving from plants as a supportive healer. We are guided by Corinne through the entire process, beginning at the story and history of plants to the ending, cooking up our own syrups or elixirs. It has been a rich experience so far, and I cannot wait to move forward as we begin to see what the new growth and blossoms of spring and summer have in store.

Bea Hallinan



I have just completed a year long herbal apprenticeship call “Medicinal Plants throughout the Seasons” with Corinne Boyer. And what an incredible year it has been. I have picked up many new life habits.

Corinne introduced us to many of the herbs we would be gathering by making us tea. Our class met on Thursday mornings in Corinne’s cozy little home. Every week she selected an herb or combination of herbs and prepared an infusion for us to taste and enjoy while sharing our homework. And now, a year later, I make many of the same teas at home for pleasure and for medicine.

We have taken many wild-crafting trips to the field and forest. We have gathered and garbled and made recipes for the treatment of myriad of ailments. I have boxed up my china and unused kitchenware to make room for a kitchen apothecary that would make my great grandmother proud.

I now have a humongous notebook that we made over the year. It contains plant profiles and studies, references and recipes, reading lists and folklore. It is very useful and I use it often.

My daily walks now include many nods of hello to my new plant friends. I feel an even closer relationship with Mother Nature. I can smell herbs in my house and taste herbs in my food. Herbs have taken over my garden and I feel the goodness of herbs in my body.

Corinne is one of those wonderfully true individuals that you are so glad to have in your life. She managed to pack an impressive amount of information into one year. I think I can speak for my classmates (my new BFF’s) when I say that she managed to keep us on task while simultaneously having a blast.

Thank you Corinne.

OOOO XXX Carol Fulcher Hepburn

PS I also discovered peanut butter and bacon sandwiches.


Dear Corinne

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! For such an amazing experience. I know I’ll be rejoining the class in June, but I just need to express my gratitude to you for creating such a life changing experience for us women. Through you and the apprenticeship, I have…

…Come to a beautiful understanding and acceptance of my feminine journey

…Gained a new perspective on what it means to heal

…Formed a deeper connection to the plant world and have picked up on the lessons that the plants have to teach us

…Formed a deeper respect & understanding of the plant tradition of this place

…Have reconnected to the old ways and old wisdom that has been lost within so many of us

This list goes on and on and on! You have done such a fabulous job of blending the two extreme modalities of understanding plants, but you’ve gone beyond that and have encouraged us to form our own connections & understanding of our plant allies. Your support and love is above and beyond and I am so grateful for this experience.

Thank you, Corinne, for being you and for your constant encouragement and realness.

Love, Cora


October 6, 2011

Dear Corinne,

I am so glad to have participated in your medicine-making class. I found it at the perfect moment, when I was searching for a way to continue learning about herbs and their magic and feeling very discouraged. This class helped me rediscover my enchantment with the plant world and gave me a way to focus that energy. The class was structured very well; I really appreciated the organization and the homework assignment. And there was a good mixture of lecture and hands-on. I loved getting to know everyone and hearing each person’s perspective on what we were studying. You’re a wonderful teacher & really able to make people feel comfortable and valued, and I appreciate you sharing your knowledge and skills.

This class was magical and informative and nurturing. My only regret is that I missed the first half! It was just what I was hoping to find and the conversations and experience our class shared are ones I will always remember.

With love, Nicole


September 26, 2011


Looking back over this last year, so many emotions flow in and over and all around me. I remember one of the first things I read to the class and how I cried when I talked about how I was tired of watching people needlessly suffer & being unable to help. Now I can smile because of all of the times I’ve helped those in suffering when western medicine was either unavailable or had failed them.

This class has filled a lonely vacancy in my very soul that cried out for the old and natural ways that one never hears about anymore. This knowledge that was supposed to be handed down from generation to generation but became lost due to industry and greed.

Thank you so much for offering this much needed service to all man/woman kind . Let your knowledge shine it’s light upon all of your students and they in turn may light the candles of knowledge to those around them and before long the old ways will be known once again & shed light & healing into the cold and dark corners of western society.

You are truly amazing and wise beyond your years.

With love, Lani Davis

PS You’ve not only change my life, but the lives around me as well.