The Enchanted Forest and Hedgerow

Begins in October- this is a 1 year-long program that meets two Saturdays per month to learn about the magic and folkways of the forest and hedge. In a small group, we will explore traditional Northern and Western European lore and practices surrounding the liminal wild edges, hedges and haunted groves. There will be a strong emphasis on spirit communication, and the interface between practitioner and the local landscape. Trancework will be employed to achieve this aspect of the work. Through this interface, a homespun magic will be wrought and personal practices developed. Each eight-hour long class will be a journey into the mysterious realms of wild terrain, on the physical landscape, as well as the inner dreamscape. Rustic magical items will be fashioned from materials of the land. At the end of the year, students will have developed personal practices that allow them excess into the enchanted world, while learning the basic tenants of folk magic that allows for practical rites. They will learn a significant amount of folklore, operative magic and herbcraft surrounding many tree and plant genera. Also included in the enchanted apothecary will be animal, bird, stone and waters for ritual workings. Seasonal aspects will be emphasized. See monthly schedule below for more details and email me with any questions.

Location: On a forested homestead about 30 minutes northwest of Olympia, Washington

Times:  Begins in October. Class will be held every other Saturday per month, from 11-7 pm. Students will be expected to attend all 24 classes in the year. Payment is still expected if a class has to be missed, all lecture portions will be recorded and handouts given in that situation.

Cost: $125 per class. A deposit of $125 is required to hold your spot and will go to pay for your last class. This is non-refundable, should you decide to cancel your enrollment at any time. Class is limited to 8 people; this will be a closed group once it begins.

Monthly Schedule:


Class 1: Dried Red Moths

Dark Wings Fall unto Open Hands- Collections, Installations and Materia Magica of Autumn. the Hazel Tree, the Owl and The Dream Realm

Class 2: The Wolves Tongue

Charms Tinkle in the Silver Light- Blessing the Sacred Amulets. The Rowan Tree and Spirit Familiars



Class 3: Wooden Coffins

A Mirrored Smoke Hole Illuminates the Underworld – To Honor the Dead. Funerary Plants and the Yew Tree

Class 4: The Dead Speak

Down the Starry Cave of the Mothers Beyond- To Commune with the Ancestors. Graveyard Folk Magic, the Raven and the Spruce Tree



Class 5: Balsam Candles

The Glowing Immortal Torch upon the Evergreen Staff- The Western Red Cedar Tree, Fire Plants and Fire Magic

Class 6: The Twelve Nights

Spirits Walk Upon the Land- Protection and Vision Through the Dark Nights- The Holly Tree and Folk Divinations



Class 7: Within the Silver Chalice

The Bright and Dark Tides- Moon Folk Magic, Fumigations and the Deer Offering

Class 8: Ghost Stumps

The Power of the Land- Dangerous Spirits, Plants of the Faerie Realm, Forest Offerings



Class 9: Ice and Lichen Soup

What Brews in the Wild Cauldron Endures- Traditional House Spirits,  Broom and Hearth Magic and Scotch Broom.

Class 10: Snail Beads

The Generative Adornments Bring New Life- Traditional Love and Fertility Magic, the Willow Tree and the Lodestone



Class 11: Basalt Crown

Stones Whisper the Wisdom of the Land- Traditional Stone Lore and Healing, Egg Magic, Materia Magica of Springtime

Class 12: Lead and Spines

Assault within the Black Veil- Protective Magic, the Alder Tree, the Evil Eye



Class 13: Rivers Flow to the North

Basins, Vases, and Vessels- Traditional Water Magic and Spirit Power

Class 14: Mirrored Snakes

Balance of the Creative Powers in the Self and on the Land- Sexual Power, Opposites, the Snake and the Maple Tree.



Class 15: Hidden Hedges

From Under the Cloak- the Hedge as Altar and Teacher, the Hawthorn Tree, Herb Harvesting Lore

Class 16: His Blackened Hand Upon the Land

What Severs Also Cleaves- The Wild Adversary in Nature, the Abandoned and the Wild Rose



Class 17: In a Trance of Haunted Smoke

A Circle of Thorns- Elements of Ritual, the Birch Tree and Witch Lore

Class 18: The Wild Table

Green Chaplets Through Fire- Midsummer Plant Magic, the Oak Tree and Divinations



Class 19: Enhancing the Darkling Crystal

Omens, Signs and Auguries- Mugwort, Bones and Bird Prognostication

Class 20: Cult of the Horse

Chariots Over Waters of the Dead- Horse Power and Folk Magic, Horse Herbs and Horseshoe Lore



Class 21: Rustic Keys and Staves

The Wand of the Witches Arm- Tools, Implements, Harvest Blades, and the Ash Tree

Class 22: Binding by Vine

Emerald Leaves Break Stone- Cord and Knot Magic, English Ivy, and Moth lore



Class 23: Blackbery Blood

Wines and Potions of Fruit and Plant- Blackberry and the Apple Tree

Class 24:One Basket, Many Medicines

Brittle Branches Bring Black Fruit- Initiations, and the Elder Tree

Class 25: In the Grand Hall of the Forest, Lore of the Witches Sabbat, and the Poison Garden