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~Under the Witching Tree~

A Traditional Tree Lore and Folk Magic Program

Taught by Corinne Boyer


Join us this winter for a year long online program dedicated to learning about traditional tree lore and folk magical practices. There are two classes per month, three hours per class. In each class we will learn about a different tree and a related folk magical topic. There will be homework assignments given and time to share results and experiences, as well as ask questions, during each session. Handouts will be provided and many magical objects and recipes will be shared during class time in order to inspire hands on folk traditions and spirit work.

Sign Up: A year-long commitment is ideal but a three month minimum commitment is required. A 30 day notice is requested in order to leave the program. People can join at any point and still complete the entire year, as it will continue year to year.  Class size is limited.

Cost and Deposit: $150 per month, $75 per class. There is a $150 deposit that is nonrefundable if you decide to cancel your enrollment. It will pay for your last month of classes. Payments are due on the first class day of each month, each payment covering two classes and are made via Paypal. Please contact me directly through my email to sign up and get on my list.

Dates, Times and Monthly Schedule:

Mostly the second and fourth Thursday each month from 9am-12 noon Pacific Standard Time. (However, July and December differ, please look at the dates)



12- Pine- Folkloric Dreaming Practices

26- Juniper- Magical Fumigations


9- Birch- Magical Washes

23-Poplar- Magical Ointments


9- Willow- Hexing/ Protections

23- Blackthorn- The Evil Eye 


13- Cherry- Supernatural Spirits

27- Alder- Faerie Trees and Flowers


11- Hawthorn- May Eve Plants and Procedures

25- Maple- Traditional Offerings


8- Walnut- Magical Potions

22- Oak- Midsummer Plants and Procedures




6- Linden- Love Magic

13- Ash- Ritual Tools


10- Cedar- Plant Charm Crosses

24- Elm- Graveyard Magic


14- Apple- Domestic Magic

28- Elder- Witchcraft/ Maleficia


12- Rowan- Fire Magic and Lore

26- Hazel- All Hallows Eve Plants and Procedures


9- Yew Tree- Funerary Plants and Trees

23- Spruce/Fir- Spirits of the Dead


7- Holly- Christmas Plants and Procedures

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