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The Witch’s Cabinet

By Corinne Boyer – Published by Three Hands Press

Available to order from Three Hands Press

The contents of the book by chapter appear below:


1. Plants and Witches: A Folkloric Apothecary
2. Blood, Shadow and the Rose
3. Funerary Trees, Folklore and Practices in Grief and Mourning
4. Seeds in the Historical Folk Magic of Europe
5. The Flora of Snakes and Dragons
6. The Magic, Medicine and Lore of the Elder
7. Plants and the Second Sight
8. The Use of Dew in Folk Healing and Magic
9. Plants Used Against Nightmares and Haunted Sleep
10. Legends and Lore of Our Lady’s Lily
11. Plants Used in Cursing Magic
12. The Uses of Straw in Magical Procedures
13. Graveyard Plant Magic

The book is is 192 pages in length.